There is only one stage, current and open to the future, that allows your company to be truly at the center of the action. There is only one international venue, which offers you to turn your exhibition into a powerful and measurable moment of all-round communication, an opportunity to build new professional relationships, enjoy modern exclusive services, project yourself onto global markets and stay in contact with the general public. 

There is only one theater, where you can design your physical presence with all-inclusive solutions and your digital presence with tailored visibility packages or by creating targeted business relationships through the new EICMA BUSINESS MEETING platform, which will allow you to connect and set appointments with thousands of accredited professionals. 

There is only one place to interpret the passion for two wheels at 360 degrees, outside and inside the exhibition perimeter, through special areas such as the Temporary Bikers Shop commercial space, the adrenaline-filled MOTOLIVE arena or the space entirely dedicated to e-bikes with a test ride track, which grows with each Edition along with the interest in this type of mobility. 

Every year EICMA writes a new page in the history of two-wheelers and everything that revolves around this sector. Choosing to be there, as protagonists, makes all the difference.

For info and registration please contact segreteriaorganizzativa@eicma.it



We learn that several companies are sending to many exhibiting companies of the main national and international fairs, offers for the publication of a PAID advertisement. These products are passed off as services to exhibitors, using a deliberately ambiguous form that invites them to submit company information for free entry in an online catalog. If you sign and submit the form, you will be bound by an irrevocable contract of several years. WE THEREFORE INVITE YOU TO IGNORE ANY TYPE OF CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED FROM THESE REALITIES.

Any communication from subjects other than EICMA S.p.A. is not to be considered as part of the organization of the event "International Exhibition Cycle and Motorcycle" and, therefore, EICMA S.p.A. declines all responsibility for the aforementioned communications.